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Anna P. Chavez

I am so excited to be your Principal! 

As a former student here at Alameda, and a community member- it is my goal to continue to provide our students with:

Highly effective instructional strategies


Positive social experiences that will teach our students how to be responsible here at school and in our community!  

Student Announcement

Front Office

Our Front office is secure!

Please park in our visitor parking area and walk to our front door 

Press the button and we will get your name and proceed with checking your ID for entry

Office hours 8:00am to 4pm, or by appointment

Students will not be released after 3:00pm to not disrupt end of the day procedures. If you have an appointment you need to get to, please let us know ahead of time! 

Please call us at 898-0070 for general questions or to make an appointment with the Principal, Nurse, or Teachers

Instructional Goals for the year

Principal's Corner

Principals Corner

Family announcements

Alameda Values

Our Hands are for working and helping

Our Words are kind and true

If you see something, say something


Kindergarten, First, and Second Grades have been issued an iPad

Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grades have been issued a chromebook

All students will keep their devices through the year, and are expected to use them appropriately.  

If your student's device is lost or stolen, please call the office

New Covid Protocols

All Students and staff will decide if they want or need to wear their masks.

Cafeteria will arrange seating so classes can sit together

Our classrooms will watch our COVID positive numbers and close contacts

We will continue with a lot of hand washing and the use of hand sanitizers and cleaning!

Please take a look at our Nurse's Health room page for more info!